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If you don't have access to Hybris Marketing Cloud sandbox system but still curious how restricted ABAP looks like in the context then you might like this super quick and simple demo:

If you are not impressed with the restricted ABAP capabilities, like the absence of debugging and the limited amount of BAdIs then you may need to learn about more advanced Side-by-Side Extensibility.

You can start the learning with the free online openSAP training course Extending SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP S/4HANA:

It's not specifically about marketing but all the technical concepts are applicable.

Good luck!

PS 2020
My YouTube video was removed because of copyright strike filed by SAP employee Alisa Kathrin Skrelja. She didn't reply to my email asking to explain why. In addition, SAP removed recently all deep technical videos from own YouTube channel SAP Marketing Cloud Deep Dives The channel name sounds like a joke now. Sad moves by SAP.