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This blog is a continuation of my previous blog {code:html}CRM 7.0 How to --4 Adding Custom Fields With The New Application Enhancement Tool (AET){code} .      In this blog I will cover the *Scenario 1 😘 Exchange ECC customer master standard field with the CRM Z- fields (ECC->CRM).    Since you have used AET/EEWB to enhance the BP master, You don't have to perform any task in CRM side as the tool (AET/EEWB) has already taken care of all the necessary task for you.  What you need to do is map the ECC field to the CRM custom fields. For that perform few simple steps mentioned below and your are done.   *Step 1:* In ECC Tr. SE11, look for the structure BSS_CENTI, double click on CI_CUST and create structure CI_CUST, Add all the fields added to BUT000 table in structure CI_EEW_BUT000. Make sure that you add the fields in the same sequence (*this is very important*)     *Step 2:* Follow the same for the structure BSS_CENTIX double click on the CI_CUST_X and create structure CI_CUST_X. In the CI_CUST_X follow the same sequence of fields but use the component type GB_BAPIUPD (A flag to indicate the change in the field).     *Step 3:* Copy the FM SAMPLE_FCTMODULE_DE_EIOUT to Z function module and all the code mentioned below to map the standard fields to the custom fields.*Step 4:* Go to tr. SM30 and maintain table TBE24. Create a product and mark it active.     *Step 5:* Go to tr. SM30 and maintain table TBE34 for the event DE_EIOUT. This event will get trigger when data will flow from ECC to CRM.