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Dear Experts,

I'm trying to replicate the Equipments from ECC to CRM.

Below are the settings which i have done in CRM system.

1. CRM-> Master Data -> Installed Base -> Define Installed Base Category -> Define Installed Base Category and Installation Rules

     - Taken EQ as a category and copied

2. Maintained Partner and Address Inheritance

3. Defined Settings for the Action Log for Each Installed Base Category.

4. Assigned Partner Determination Procedure to Installed Base Category

5. Assigned Object Families to Installed Base Categories (Object family : 04041, Type : EQ)

6. Maintained a Category for Equipment for R3PRODSTYP (Under MAT_) as MAT_EQUI

     Then assigned the Object Family : Equipment to MAT_EQUI and setypes.

7. Then Started Downloading the Object : EQUIPMENT & EQUI_CONFIG. Both of the objects completed successfully, but we did not get the data into CRM system.

8. In ECC i  have checked in Table : EQUI, values are there, bu here in CRM we are not getting. I want an Installed base to be created with that data.

9. In ECC, Equipments are getting created at the time of delivery only, with the Equipment category as "S"

Please Let me know what are the settings to be done for getting that equipment data into CRM as Individual Objects, and created as Installed Base.

Thanks & Regards