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I have been working in SAP CRM WebUI, ABAP-CRM and Middleware.  I have been searching for the CRM tables which are relevant to the Adapter Objects; I haven’t seen any relevant information in any blogs/Papers on this topic. After 2 hours of debugging I got the below information. I am contributing my first blog, hope it will be useful to the community


Display object using R3AC1/R3AC3/R3AC5.

In this case we are looking at customizing for Account Group Business Partner: DNL_CUST_ACGRBP.

In the Table/Structures tab can view the associated R/3 tables which will be transferred during download process. That will be much better if we can see this table information in the SMOFTABLES.

Chek the same tables in ECC side in SE11/SE16.

   R/3 account group  :       'TVKT'.

   R/3 account group  text :       'TVKTT'.

In order to determine relevant table in CRM side, need to review code contained within mapping module of the download object. In tab Mapping Module R/3 to CRM select the associated module name


As Highlighted, We can see the mapping between ECC and CRM tables.

                     Table in  R3

             Table in CRM





Table in the CRM :

CRMC_ACGRBP :  Account Assignment Groups for Business Partner

CRMC_ACGRPBP_T : Business Partner Account Assignment Group

Same process can be followed for all Objects in order to identify mapping between R/3 and CRM table.