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Objective: If there are multiple opportunity types are active in the CRM then while creating the opportunity systems gives a pop-up window to select the opportunity type. By following the steps below we can assign the default opportunity type for a business role.

Note: This document I have created referring to a solution provided in the SDN thread

Click on Opportunity.

Here we can see the 3 opp. Types, now the requirement is to set the default opportunity type depending on the business role.

1: Create Logical Links:

First identify the logical link of the opportunity, as for the opportunity standard logical link is ‘SLS-OPP-CR’.

Now execute the transaction ‘CRMC_UI_NBLINKS: Define Navigation Bar Profile’

Double click on Define logical link and then select the ‘SLS-OPP-CR’ link and click on Copy icon.

Provide the logical Link ID starting with ‘Z’ here we will use link as ‘ZRN-OPP-CR’. In the parameter enter the opportunity transaction type which we want to call and in the class enter the class name as ‘CL_CRM_IC_NAV_BTCREATE’ and save the link.

2: Define work center link Groups:

Select the group id ‘SLS-OPP-CR’ and copy to ‘ZRN-OPP-CR’.

3: Assign Links to work center link group:

Select the newly created Group ID and double click on Assign links to work center link group.

Add the logical link in the work center link group and save.

4: Assing the work center link group to Work center:

Select the existing work center ZSLS-HOME and double click on Assign work center link group to work center.

Add the new created group ID at the required positions.

5: Enable the logical link at business role: Transaction ‘CRMC_UI_PROFILE’.

Select the business role and double click on adjust work center and then make the newly created link as visible.

Now test the web page by creating the opportunity

Now system has not given any pop up, by this way we can assing the default transaction type to a business role.



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