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One way to debug CRM Middleware is by disabling the inbound queue in ECC or outbound queue in CRM. This was causing great inconvenience to others working on the same server trying to create similar documents in ECC. This blog is about debugging the CRM middleware without disabling the queue. The example used here is of a DMR request created in ECC once a service confirmation is saved and completed in CRM.

  • Place an external break point in function module CRM_R3_SERVICECONF_UPLOAD.

  • Create a service confirmation in CRM, fill the mandatory fields, complete and save the confirmation.

  • By default gv_synchronous_call  is initial and function ‘BAPI_SERVICECONF_PROXY_UPLOAD’ is called as a background task. Once GV_SYNCHRONOUS_CALL is set to ‘X’, function ‘BAPI_SERVICECONF_PROXY_UPLOAD’ is called in foreground task and can be debugged all the way in ECC.


  • Function module CRS_SERVICE_BILLING_PROCESS processes the service confirmations.