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As the german government already decided to set a customer display mandatory, the question "Do we need to use a customer Display?" is not heading into the right direction. At the Point of Sale, we should install a customer display and try to extend the functionality, so that customers needs are targeted and sales increases. (i. e. short videos about daily offers)

Standard customer display at POS

In standard SAP Customer Checkout, every time a new article is scanned, it is shown at customer display with description and price. On top, in the bottom right corner, the total price is shown. This data is needed for governmental regulations and the SAP plugin can be installed quite quickly from SAP CCO consultant to get basic functionality.

Extended customer Display for CCO

As we have the mandatory situation in Germany to install a customer display, we can focus our thoughts and energy to improve the use of the customer display screens. In a customer project, we already developped a SAP Customer Checkout plugin, which is quite individual. Customers wish was to show the entire receipt on the display.

We believe in a broadener approach, that should be more customizable. Here you can find our first mockups and ideas, feel free to add further functionalities:


Idea collection for customer display functionalities

The following ideas are first functionalities from us and customer ideas:

  • pictures

  • videos

  • Show entire receipt

  • attach external sources

Feel free to improve the idea Collection

Feel free to comment below and enrich the product "extended customer display".

We are happy to read your intellectual support.