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CRM marketing campaigns by standard does not support custom attributes in the high volume scenarios. Only a small set of business partner attributes are supported in order get better performance during campaign execution. However by doing simple enhancements we would be able to add custom attributes in the high volume campaigns.

Please note that this technique would work for the following communication Mediums:

- High Volume email with file variant (method - 03)
- High volume File export (method - 10)

Create custom attributes in business partner

As a first step we need to create all the necessary custom fields in the business partner structure. Use Application Enhancement Tool (AET) and add all the custom fields under BUT000 table. Alternatively you can follow the traditional approach by enhancing all the layers of CRM framework such as database, APIs, BOL model, GENIL and UI. I would suggest to use AET as it is simple and faster to implement and it also takes care of modifying all the layers by itself. Once the enhancement is complete you can verify the custom attributes in the following structure.

Also note adding too many attributes to business partner may seriously impact the performance of the system. I would recommend that you keep the number of attributes as minimal as possible.

Enable custom attributes in mailform

Perform below steps to make the custom attributes visible in mailform application:

- Create a new append structure and add all the custom fields in it. The attribute names in the append structure should be same as the ones created in the BUT000 table in previous step.

-Include the append structure to CRMS_MKTHV_LBP.

Now the custom attributes are ready for use in mailform and they shall be visible under business partner attribute category. Also note by doing this, the custom attributes are activated for both the usage types: Internet Mail (high volume) and File export (high volume).

BADI Implementation - CRM_MKTHV_LBP

By standard there is a default implementation provided to this badi which takes care of filling data for all the business partner related attributes used in the mailform.As this is a single implementation badi we will not be able to create a new implementation, so we need to have an implicit enhancement for handling the custom attributes.

This is an optional step provided if we keep names of the custom attributes same in BUT000 and CRMS_MKTHV_LBP structure.

Read method - takes care of reading the values for business partner attributes

Filter method - used to filter business partners for the file export. For eg. in the file export you want to filter out partners that does not have email address maintained. Such logics can be implemented using this method.

Hope this document is helpful to you!