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Why this blog?

My intention within this blog is to bring to the front page some code examples posted in the wiki hopefully will be easier to be found. In order to not create a blog for each time I create a wiki entry on the code gallery, I will update this blog.

The Wiki Pages:

Business Transactions

Example how easy can be using the XIF interface to update the One Order model

CRM - Change Document appointment date using XIF - Code Gallery - SCN Wiki

Example of deleting Sales Order Items by Sales Order ID and Product ID

CRM - Remove Document Items by Document ID and Product ID - Code Gallery - SCN Wiki

Example of creating manual conditions on a Transaction via program.

CRM - Create manual conditions on a Transaction using XIF or One Order API - Code Gallery - SCN Wiki

Web UI

Up to SAP CRM 7.0 Ehp2 SAP didn't provide standard tools to remove massively saved searches, I believe this tool is pretty useful from an administration point of view.

CRM - Remove massively WebUI Saved Searches by User and Description - Code Gallery - SCN Wiki

I hope I can keep publish more content and looking forward to your feedback.