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As promised I am continuing my previous blog CRM 2007 How to --2A(Transaction Launcher) where I called the ECC transaction from CRM ad I created the link in the work center. In this blog I will create a link as Quick Link. You can call any URL from CRM system. You just need to follow below mentioned 6 steps:

Step1:  Go to transaction SM30 and maintain the view CRMV_IC_LTX_URL

  • Maintain the URL ID, Description, Request Method and your desired URL as shown below and save your changes. In my example I am calling GOOGLE.COM

Step 2: Go to Tr. SPRO->IMG and follow the path shown below to configure Tr. Launcher.

  • Give any ID name you wish ( Do not use F4 help) and component set ALL and continue.

  • Give description and mention any Z class name ( system will generate this class for you in $TEMP so if you are planning to transport it to other systems then change the package to Z package for this class and save it so that you can transport it.)
  • If you want to launch the URL in new window select 'Stateful' else deselect it then continue

  • Select the Tr. Type = URL Transaction and then select the same URL id you have just maintained in step 1 and then skip Transaction Parameters and Activity by pressing the continue button and complete the wizard.


Step 3: Now go to Define Nav Bar Profile as shown below and double click on Define Logical Link and create a new Logical Link as shown below. You can copy any of the standard logical link of type "C Launch Transaction". Do not change the Target ID and Parameter Class.

Step 4: Now double click on Define Direct Link Group and create a link group in which you can display your link save your entry. Select the Link Group and then assign the above created Logical Link Id to the Link group. Save your changes.

  • Select Define profile and select your Z-Profile to which you want to assign this link. Double click on Assign Direct Link and create a new entry for your Z group Id and save your changes.


Step 5: Now you have your link ready the next step will be to make this link visible to UI screen. In order to do that go to Define Business Role as shown below.

  • Select your Business Role and double click on the Adjust direct link.

  • Select the Visible check box and save your changes.

Step 6: Now launch your WebUI , In my case it is WebIC and you should see the Quick Link in your Nav Bar.

  • Click on the link and it should launch the URL as shown below.

This was just an example for, by following the same steps you can call any URL as per your requirment.