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In this document I will explain the creation of PFCG role. The widely used practice which I have come across is to copy the existing PFCG Role and assign it to the user. But the recommended way is to create your own PFCG Role.

To start with let me explain both the ways:

  1. Copy of standard PFCG Role
  2. Creation of PFCG roles from Business Role

  1. Copy of SAP standard PFCG Role in Z/Y naming space and then customizing the PFCG Role as per the business requirement. By customizing the PFCG Role I meant that you do changes in the authorization objects by making changes in the activity - 01, 02 or 03 or giving all of them or some of them. Or adding /removing some of the authorization objects. The reason being, if we copy the standard Sales Employee PFCG Role, the role will have all work centre link group UIU authorization/ Task related authorization objects (for example  Pipeline Performance Management related) which might not be required in business scenario. So, it is better to remove these redundant objects which do not add value to the created PFCG Role.

  To avoid the above we can create our own PFCG role which will give only give those authorization objects which are related to the business role

2. Creation of PFCG role from the scratch

     a. The first step for this type of method is creation of business role as per the business requirement

     b. Execute report CRMD_UI_ROLE_PREPARE in SE38

    c. Execution

The moment you execute this report a file is stored in the local file

     d. Create a new PFCG Role

    e. Upload results in empty PFCG Role by using the option” import from file “in tab menu of transaction PFCG.

     f. Below is the generated menu. The UIU links are generated based on business role

     g. Save the role and go to the authorization tab. Make the red light green, the same can be done by maintaining all the authorization objects.

    h. Assignment of PFCG role to Business Role

     i. Assign the PFCG Role to the user.