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In the SDN CRM Forum (SAP CRM: Webclient UI - Framework) Pankaj Arora ( and Devi b ( requested some help on the Topics Customer Response to a Survey (Customer Response to a Survey) and Email Campaign (Email Campaign). I will describe how can create a Survey which is used in an E-Mail Campaign. Also I will show how the submitted survey can be saved in an activity and analysed using CRM only. This first part shows how to create prepare the Survey Suite and create a Survey and the URL needed for the E-Mail.

h3. Prepare Survey Suite To use Surveys in E-Mail Campaigns we had first upload a parameter XML file to the Survey Repository. A description of the structure of parameter XML files can be found in SAP Support Note 836945 - Survey Tool: Empty dropdown boxes during the URL generation. Fist you have to prepare a XML File like this: h3. Create a Survey Surveys which then can be used in marketing campaigns are created using transaction CRM_SURVEY_SUITE. Surveys for marketing campaigns have to be created in the folder “Marketing”. Navigate to this folder and click “Create” (F5). You have to provide a Name for your Survey. Don’t use space here because that will cause problems if you want to send out the Survey as a link:

You will get Information that the survey does not yet exist and a new template is generates:

Now you see the main screen of the Survey Builder:


Now double click on an item in the tree on the left hand side. Then you get an input field in the upper right window where you can edit for example the text of the title. If you want to enter more than one line of text click on the “Text” icon beside the input field:


To edit the questions you have to expand the tree on the left hand side.

New Questions can be added via the Context menu when you right click on the Section. An Initial Question is always available. To change the answer possibilities you have to open the Answer leave and provide an “Answer Category”:

These are all possible Values:

Save Survey

When you have finished your Survey it maybe looks like this:

Now it’s time to save it. Hitting the save button you first had to provide a Description:

To allow us to analyse the survey answers switch to the “Technical Settings” and activate the check box “Evaluation Without Business Information Warehouse”:

Also make sure that this PBO and PAI modules are provided (CRM_MKTCA_SURVEY_MKT_PBO and CRM_MKTCA_SURVEY_MKT_PAI):

Ignore the warning that the PBO and also the PAI Module should be of type “CRM_SVY_..._PBO” or “CRM_SVY_..._PAI”:

Generate Survey URL

Before we can generate a Survey URL we had to activate our Survey by clicking “Activate” (Strg + F1) in the Survey Suite main window. With our active Survey in place and the preparation before we can now generate a Survey URL by clicking on “Generate URL” (Strg + Shift + F1).