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How to Configure Installed base in C4C ?

Installed base helps to identify number of equipment or Machine installed in customer place.

We can also maintain competitor product in Installed base, which helps our sales and service team

To replace competitor product with our product .In other words it shows future prospect.

We can also identify “End of life” of our machine and replace our old machine by new machine.

Now C4C also supports installation point as a part of Installed base. By any installation point

We can get information about any machine installed at customer place its warranty starts date, end

date & duration of warranty.  Offline configuration is also available in C4C Installed base.

Following Steps for IB :

  1. First we go to Basic configuration>Implementation project then we  choose our

        Project from the list & choose the Edit project.

   2. Then we will go to Scope Element list & in service option Entitle management is there

   3. In Entitle management select Installed base management & save It.

        After that you can create Installed base.


Nawed A Khan