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I have been working on Cloud for Customer for long time now. I have worked on Implementation and Integration projects. I have come across different experiences, issues and have also explored new tricks and tips that have ease the work.

My intention to write this blog is to maintain the habit to write such experiences as document and attach them here so that these can not only be utilized by fellow SCN community members but also it will help me to always have them handy with me in whenever required.

This blog will always be updated with my new experiences.

Hope this will be helpful to the readers too.

1. Mass E-mailing is sent through SAP’s e-mail infrastructure, for Marketing Campaign, one need to have this Mass E-mailing feature activated on their tenant. Below document link will explain how the Mass E-mail Activation is to be activated on your Cloud for Customer tenant.

Cloud for Customer: Mass E-mail Activation

2. Below documentation focuses on sync of data from Microsoft Outlook to SAP Cloud for Customer.

C4C - Outlook Integration Flow

3. In case of Business Partner replication, to achieve the Account ID in C4C matching to the Business Partner ID in ECC, follow the below documentation. Following the process mentioned in this, similar requirements can be achieved for replication of other objects.

SAP C4C Integration: Achieving BP Replication with Account ID equal to Customer ID in SAP ECC

4. Similarly, below documentation explains the customization to be made to the standard integration for Product Replication from SAP ECC system to SAP Cloud for Customer to have the Product Internal ID on C4C same as the Product ID on SAP ECC system.

SAP C4C Integration: Customization to achieve the Product Internal ID same as SAP ECC Product ID

5. While working on one of our client, I came across the issue where End users were unable to get any values under the Owner Value Help Selector for Owner field for Account. Same was the case then they tried marking any employee using "@" inside the feed. I was unable to find any reason for this behaviour right away. It took some time to understand why this was happening. Below document gives you the cause and solution for same.

Significance of Work Center "People"

6. I encountered this while executing the reports, the data was not shown up as expected. We were only able to see the irrelevant data populated. This is because the configuration on C4C was just to show the generic data. Below document shows how this configuration was changed to show up the real time data instead of the generic data.

Administrator Analytics – Settings to view Reports

7. Below blog will show how to create the reuse function in Cloud Application Studio to get the Day from specified Date. eg. if the input date is 06/25/2015, I want to get Thursday.

SAP C4C SDK: Re-use Function to fetch the Day for Specific Date

8. Example elaborating how the data from C4C be accessed in HANA Cloud Platform App in few easy steps by creating basic App which can be modified to make it more robust and it is always possible to add more functionality on it.

Easy Steps to build an HANA Cloud Platform App leveraging C4C ODATA

9. Below blog gives the details on the necessary configurations that need to be maintained on C4C for the Partner Channel Management with HANA Cloud Platform.

Cloud for Customer specific Configurations for Partner Channel Management

As mentioned earlier, this blog would be updated with the new experiences which I encountered and think are worth publishing.  :smile:

Lets not just learn but also spread the knowledge which we have with us.