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Seidor ProCons is a leading digital transformation enabler for SMEs. We are working on CCO plugins developments we have a couple of plugins that are useful for the other partners.

Seidor Procons – Plugins

CCO Store Operation

As you know, the Stock operation is one of the mandatory processes in the retail store. Therefore, we are offering a complete solution as a plugin for CCO users where the user can do their stock related transaction with the same screen without moving to any other application. Our plugin covering primary operations as mentioned below. Store Operation plugin is the end to end integrated with SAP Business One ERP.

Store Operation feature we are able to perform Transfer Request, Transfer Receipt, Store Return and Stock count features. SAP Tools and videos are helped us to build these plugins.

CCO ToolBox

ToolBox plugin helps the CCO user to have some validations or enable the additional feature on CCO. The idea of the toolbox plugin end-user can configure the validation activate additional feature which is not part of the core product. we can keep on adding the feature which will be part of the product.

Currently, CCO ToolBox supports Setting default customer code for new receipts, Stock availability validation with ERP system, Search receipt using the phone number, Product scan by serial or batch number and Capturing Auth Code for a Card transaction. 

CCO Communicator Plugin

The communicator plugin enables notifying the end-customers with various communication options. Having the communicator feature CCO will trigger instead digital receipt to the customer. The feature is Sending emails while adding sales receipts and Sending SMS messages while adding sales receipts. we can also work with Whats app communication as well. 


In case of further queries related to the CCO plugins, please free to comment below (in this blog post) or contact me via shamseer.karamadai

For CCO product related information, please check this link and/or CCO community page.

If you have more queries related to CCO and configurations, please feel free to visit the SAP Community page
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