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Interaction Center Managers are supposed to work to create call list depending upon the buisness requirment .One of the way to generate Call list is as per below :

1). Enter the Transaction Code: CRMD_TM_CLDIST.

2).  This will show Call List page, click on create button and fill the parameter in the page.

3).  There we have multiple area where we can assign the user and customers as below:

4). Click on Assignments and then Assign uesr depending upong different critera

5). Here we can search Agent on multiple search parameter such as by User, By Org Id etc and then can assign to the list.

6). Similary go to Call section and then assign customer to the list.


7).  After all the assignment click on the call list again and then activate the list.

By this we can create the list and assign to different agents. We can also attach some other existing call list to new call list. Apart from that we also have some other options to create the list.

I hope this might help .



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