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While doing a C4C project I came across a problem when trying to send data to one of the webservices available on C4C. Firstly let me explain a few things about C4C. My project was as follows. ECC - PO - C4C. C4C has webservices that are active, but not yet configured. This is where this blog comes in. Will show you how to create your Communication Arrangement and how to get the WSDL of the webservice.


SOAP: Response message contains an errorXIAdapter/PARSING/ADAPTER.SOAP_EXCEPTION - soap fault: Authorization role missing for service "ServiceInterface CommunicationServicesManagementMaintainObjectIdentifierMappingIn <default> <default>", operation "Operation MaintainBundle"

This error is generated when the webservice you are trying to call has not been configured or incorrectly.


Firstly you will need to log into C4C and go to your Administrator Page(Its on Silver Lite if you have an older version of C4C) and click on Communication Arrangement.

Secondly you will see the following screen see below and click on New.

Thirdly : You will choose what web service you want to configure(Communication Method). and Select Nexxt.

Fourthly : You will now choose you System you want to send to. For example i have chosen our Dev system.

Fifth : You need to configure how you will be authenticating against this web service. For this scenario I have chosen basic authentication.

Sixth : Review the data and select finish. This is the final step. The wsdl can now be downloaded with the endpoint already generated.

This concludes how to create a communication arrangement in C4C. Hope that is helps.

Just a few facts when using the services.

C4C monitoring help when the webservice failed because of data issue or connection error. Please remember to monitor it.

But the monitor has a limitation of only being able to see Async messages. Sync message do not appear in the monitor. This is something SAP needs to really add to the road map. But when it will be available i do not know.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions. Please let me know.

Jannus Botha