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This article focuses on how we can track work center assignment and business roles assignment changes performed on SAP C4C reports.

Unlike other objects or transactions where we have the option to check the Change History in the Change Tab, C4C Reporting Tool does not directly provide this information. We get the information about Change Date and Changed By but this data is for the configuration changes that are performed on the report and not the assignment changes.

Step 1: Get the report id for which you need to check the assignment changes.

Step 2: Go to the work center Administrator -> General Settings.

Step 3: Scroll to the Adaptation Changes section and click Layout Change History.

Step 4: Run the query All UI Changes

Step 5: Filter for the type “AddRemoveAssignedObject”

Step 6: Provide Report id in Filter for Text Search

Step 7: Click on the File Path Name

Created By is the Changed By who modified the assignment. Created On is the Changed On date.

Step 8: Hover on the value in the Change Details.

This provides information on whether the report was assigned to work center or business role, or the assignment was removed.

The tag “RemoveAssignedObject” is used when assignment is removed. Similarly tag “AddAssignedObject” is used when assignment is assigned.

It also displays Report Id.