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After many people asking for technical certification in SAP CRM, I am pleased to announce a new SAP CRM ABAP certification.  There have been many "freshers" wondering how they could get started in SAP CRM and what certification they should choose.  In order to solve this issue,  I have come up with a certification solution that will help those in need.

The certification requirements are the following:

  1. Pass or show equivalent knowledge of the SAP ABAP certification offered by SAP.  This requirement may be waived if Hasso Plattner, Vishal Sikka, Horst Keller,Thomas Jung, or Thorsten Franz sends me a note that you are "cool".
  2. Read my book SAP CRM Technical Principles and Programming and complete all the examples.  I will verify this by you sending me a picture of you reading the book.  In addition you will be required to take pictures of you in the book in at least one public place: I need free advertising to sell copies of the book.
  3. Provide me a two page essay comparing the one-order document model to the one ring that rules them all
  4. Complete at least one half-marathon.  If in the US your race must be a qualifier course for the Boston.  Your completion time needs to be under four hours.  I need an electronic copy of your finishers certificate or picture of you with your finisher's medal to count this.

If you complete those requirements, I will send you back an electronic certificate stating that you are now a "guru" of CRM ABAP development.  As not everyone can be gurus, I will be limiting these certifications to the first fifty people who complete the above requirements. In addition I owe you a "cold-frosty one" if I meet you in person in order to properly celebrate your achievement.

I hope everyone is excited by this offer and I think you will find this certification to be more difficult, but more valuable than multiple-choice exams.  If you have any questions about this certification program please let me know in the comments below.  I am not afraid to answer your comments, but please be aware the answer to your question is more than likely "42".

I strongly encourage you start working on those requirements.  I always think the first of a new month in spring is a great time to get started.