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About Service Confirmation with Integration ECC Part Overview

You can use the service confirmation transaction to  report working time, service parts, expenses, and tools used while performing a
This function is available in CRM Web Client UI and  mobile service.

“” SRVC we can able to create with reference or with our  reference, The Reference might be SRVO, REPA."

The line items will copy form preceding documents (using  Copy Control), meanwhile you can enter new line items which was service
technician performed For Exm –Service parts, Service Expenses and Service tools.

We can create multiple SRVC for an order  For Example  If you want to create SRVC on Daily basis but it require  more than a day to complete an assignment. If multiple service representatives  working on an assignment, they can also confirm individually.


* We can’t make a confirmation for several orders in a  single document.
* We can create one confirmation for multiple service  representatives in this case data can’t be processed in controlling and HR in
ERP System.

Back End Systems (SAP ERP)

For detailed
information on the flow of service confirmation-related data between SAP  Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) and SAP ERP,

“” The Automatic data transfer between SAP CRM to SAP ERP that happens with CRM Integration Services. It triggers subsequence process. 

Overview About SAP CRM Confirmation
  to SAP ERP


  Posted to SAP ERP

  in SAP ERP



  Management - Inventory Management





  (Using Cross Application Time Sheet)


  Cross application Time Sheet)




Prerequisite Configuration.

We have to make necessary changes for below points based on Requirmenet..

Service  Confirmation Transaction settings

  1. Logistic  integration (for stock movements)
  2. Cross application time sheet integration
  3. Controlling integration

Prerequisites in the Service Confirmation Transaction.

Before  transferred SRVC to SAP ERP, The SRVC Transaction fulfill the following

The Transaction contains at least one item.

  1. This Transaction should contain error free.
  2. The Transaction status must be completed.
  3. No Distribution lock were set for the transaction.

Customizing for the data entry profile used in conforming  working times

To allow  definition of multiple data entry profiles in SAP ERP for Service Confirmation

For that we  must activate the business function. CRM Time recording using multiple CATS
data entry profiles. (HCM_CRM_CATS_PROFILE)

For more information about this business function, see SAP Help Portal at àà SAP ERP Enhancement Packages à ERP Central  Component Enhancement Package 5 à Business  Functions à Business  Functions (SAP Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0) in SAP ERP
  Enterprise Business Functions à Cross-Application-Enterprise Business Functions- Integration of CRM and ERP à CRM, Time Recording Using Multiple CATS Data Entry Profiles.

  1. You have made  the necessary settings in Customizing for SAP ERP under à Integration with Other SAP Components à Customer
    Relationship Management
    à Settings for Service Processing à Time Sheet Integration

Assign data entry profile  You have assigned data entry profiles according to your criteria such as transaction type and service organization.
Change data entry profile  The default implementation of this Business Add-In (BAdI)  determines the data entry profile from the Assign Data Entry Profile
Customizing activity, depending on the transaction type and the service  organization you have used to define the data entry profile. You can create a
customer-specific BAdI implementation, which can be used to define the data entry profile according to other criteria. Possible parameters include all
criteria that appear in the header of a service confirmation (structure
BAPISDCOSV), such as profit center, sold-to party, or company code.

General Settigs for Service confirmation Transaction Type (SRVC)

The service confirmation transaction is predefined as follows in the standard system:

Transaction  type SRVC, Item categories SVCP
for service product items

Date profile SRV_RM_ITEM1 – SAP Confirmation Service Item is assigned to this item category.

The date profile contains date types such as SRVC_ACTUAL – Start of Work and SRVC_ACT_TO – Date Work Ends. The
working time of service representatives is documented with these date fields.

- SVCM - for service parts and sales items

- SVCE-  for expense items

- SVCT- for tool items

If the settings for these Customizing objects do not  reflect your business requirements, you can copy them and modify the copies.

Details of Services Rendered

You can report the following key information in a service confirmation:

-Service provided

-Service parts used

-Expenses incurred

You can confirm  planned and unplanned expenses, such as expenses for hotel accommodation or  miscellaneous materials that are not represented by service items or service part items.


# You need to define products of the type Material  to represent different types of expenses.

# There is no integration with SAP ERP Travel Management for the processing of travel expenses.

#Tools used

#Working times (duration, start and end of work)

# Travel times

You have to enter travel times in a separate service item using a service type and valuation type  that you have defined for billing travel time (see "Billing" below).

-Reference object(s) for the service

-Technical details in Categorization

Service Confirmation standard Functions, using this we can design solution to client

  1. Installed Base update
  2. Contract determination
  3. Warranty check
  4. Automatic warranty creation
  5. Counter reading
  6. Pricing
  7. Cost allocation
  8. Amount allocation
  9. Follow-up transaction in ERP
  10. Transaction history
  11. Billing
  12. Create (attach documents)
  13. Printing service reports
  14. Categorizations
  15. Activities 

The Controlling relevant data can transfer form SAP CRM to SAP ERP system.

The posting of actual costs to account assignment  objects In the ERP system is triggered using the Service Confirmation assigned
to a transaction.

- Activities: - Activities are automatically transferred to time sheet, the sender cost center is determined using the personal number of service employee making the confirmation. The activity type is determine using  customizing, which data entered must be transfer to CO using Time sheet.
(Personal – Personal Time management – time sheet – transfer – account)

Then activity allocation from service employee cost center to the account assignment object (it takes place in CO)

- Service parts:-  :-  Service parts automatically generated “Goods Issue” in MM with a posting in FI and do the account assignment object

- Expenses: - Expenses items are automatically posted in to ERP System as transfer. The cost  center of service employee making confirmation is credited in the amount of expenses entered and the account assignment object is debited that amount. The transfer posting cost element determine based on customizing.

-Tools: - Tools items are automatically posted in to ERP System as internally activity allocation. The cost center and activity type are assigned in to ERP System.Configuration – Other SAP Components- CRM-Settings for Service Processing-Controlling integration-Assign Cost Center and Activity type to

“The activity allocation form the cost center to the account assignment object takes place in CO”

“CRM Billing used to post revenues to FI and do the  account assignment object”

- We can choose following controlling type to customizing for each transaction type and Service organization.

  1. Mass Object
    Controlling :-  Analyze the values (without
    period closing) in Profitable analysis (CO-PA)
  2. Single Object
    Controlling: - analyze the individual transaction detail using Internal order
    and do the calculate WIP.
  3. Controlling for
    account assignment object: - Analyze the individual transaction in detail using
    Work breakdown Structure element, Internal Order, Sales order items in ERP and
    do the calculate WIP.
  4. 2.5) CATS (Cross Application Time Sheet) integration

    CATS is a cross application tool for recording times and  tasks it enables you u to control all business process concerning your
employees tasks.

Transferred data from Time sheets to Target component (HR, CO, PM, PS, MM C Project) which is employee recorded data 

Transfer of Time  Sheet Data to the Target Components.

We can transfer data to the target components as above flow. Using below options

  1. Using transfer
  2. For Material
    management using Transaction
  3. For C project
    using an ALE connection with I DOC


Note: -This Document will only help you overview concept about Service confirmation with ECC integration part. For more information