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As a term Loyalty Management is not something new, moreover it's rather very old and in practice from quite long. Airline sector, Hospitality Industry and Retail (Consumer goods) sector depends much on the success of their Individual Loyalty Management Initiatives.


As the competition grows and customer is becoming more demanding it becomes all the more important to have Loyalty management system not just in principle but also in use.


SAP CRM Loyalty Management is a comprehensive loyalty management solution to help companies manage their increasingly complex customer loyalty programs, such as an airline’s frequent flyer program or a retail company’s customer rewards program.


More often then not complex Loyalty Management applications requires constant access to back-end financial systems to get complete end-2-end view of customer’s expenditure and then based on complex set of rules the reward points would be calculated and accrued.


SAP CRM 7.0 armed with Loyalty Management solution offers a set of business processes to help companies understand and manage how the products and services they offer can be tied to a loyalty system and from there into the financials and CRM systems to get complete process automation. This solution will help reduce costs in managing loyalty programs, reduce errors in administration, and give customers and companies greater transparency to the program.



Loyalty Management Solution – Broad Overview




Loyalty Management Solution – Communication



Loyalty Management Solution – Functional Overview




Loyalty Management Solution - Building Blocks





Loyalty management Solution is embedded in SAP CRM 7.0 release. It’s based out of marketing framework and fully integrated with Campaign Management to make it in-line with business strategy.

It’s designed keeping in mind mass processing so as not to hit performance. It’s easy to use and integrated with various channels such as CRM UI, IC Client (Catering to Call Center Application), Web Channel (For Web Shops) and also have capabilities of web service integration with Non SAP systems.






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