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Product and Topic Expert

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A friendly welcome to the Customer Center of Expertise (Customer COE) community. We are happy to have you onboard. Our goal here is to provide you with easy-to-consume content and keep you updated on all things happening around the Customer COE. This is a space of connection and open dialogue. So, any questions, insights, or concerns are always welcome.

Our Customer COE “All you need to know” Blog Post provides an easy-to-follow overview of the various sub-topics and key resources that the Customer COE has. It helps to grasp the categories we focus on and the goals we aim to achieve in the Customer COE. Take a look!

This group is a safe space to discuss, ask questions, and engage in light of the Customer COE.
Of course, this group also strives to follow the general Rules of Engagement in our intercourse.

Are you looking for more information on the Customer COE? You can find an introduction and many essential assets regarding the Customer COE on our support portal (S-User Required).

In case of any questions, feel free to reach out anytime via our inbox: