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Understanding the role and functionality of the Customer COE is essential, and that’s what this blog post is designed to help you with. We've organized relevant information and resources to help you fully comprehend how the Customer COE operates.

Furthermore, we've structured this post to provide an easy-to-follow overview of the various sub-topics that the Customer COE covers. By doing this, we hope it will be quicker and easier for you to grasp the categories we focus on and the goals we aim to achieve in the Customer COE.

Our Customer COE Key Resources

SAP Support Portal: It is our main platform to get familiar with all the contents in more detail. It is tightly connected with the Customer COE Community and updated on a regular base. To access the SAP Support Portal an S-User is required

Overview Presentation: This asset summarizes the main aspects of a Customer COE on a high-level approach to get a first understanding.

Service Overview: You are familiar with the concept of the Customer COE and you want to dive deeper into several topics – here you will find all the services you might need!

COMING SOON The Customer COE Learning Journey: Get all fundamental Knowledge via our Self Learning Journey and receive a badge.

Initial Guidance Service: It helps you to understand the big picture and value of a Customer COE. Contact your SAP representative for more information or drop an e-mail to

Our Customer COE Blog Post Structure/Expert Blogs
We structured all our Customer COE contents into 4 main categories to ensure a smooth introduction into that complex topic.
Our categories are:

Basic Knowledge & Fundamentals:
Learn all the basics and fundamental facts about the Customer COE. You will get to know the value of a Customer COE and it’s relevance, the Framework, and many more details to understand how the Customer COE operates.
Use Tag: Customer COE Basics and Fundamentals

Customer COE & Cloud:
The cloud transformation is impacting all our business and IT infrastructures at some point in time. Understand how your Customer COE could be impacted by this development.
Use Tag: Customer COE and Cloud

The Customer COE in action (Examples):
The theory is clear and now you want to see the Customer COE in action? We have collected several customer success stories, guides & best practices as well as other SAP solutions where the Customer COE can be used.
Use Tag: Customer COE in action

Customer COE Latest & Greatest:
You always want to stay up to date with topics around the Customer COE? We have a Newsletter in place which keeps you posted on all ongoing updates as well as live events for you to enhance your knowledge.
Use Tag: Customer COE latest and greatest