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The  Customer Insights‘ dashboard   is a new reporting in SAP for Me which uses analytical capabilities to provide Customer CCOE with a holistic customizable overview of the product portfolio, support entitlements, cases management, system landscape, cloud availability, license utilization, cloud usage and adoption, consumption of support services and more.

The Customer Insights‘ dashboard is valuable for Customer COEs, as it

  • combines a wide range of KPIs across different SAP for Me dashboards in one single reporting.
  • covers all important areas from the purchasing a product to the operation phase and consumption.
  • focuses on historical analytical data and analyzes the status of your SAP solutions and the support situation.
  • displays data on the single customer account level or on corporate structure level in one dashboard across all deployment types, support contracts or products.
  • provides a range of customization and personalization features for a tailored reporting according to the Customer COE individual needs.

Using the first Summary screen of the Customer Insights dashboard you can customize your own overview based on the most important KPIs related to each available data section. If you need more / additional cards to e displayed in the Summary, you are welcome to contact us.

You can access the Customer Insights reporting by clicking on the “Reporting” Left-Side Menu in SAP for Me or by using the direct link:

To access the Customer Insights dashboard in SAP for Me, your S-user needs the authorization “Display Support Situation Reporting”. It can be provided on installation level, customer account level and corporate structure level. For more details and authorization information, see KBA 3336856.

Summary 2024-02-06_09-41-46.png

Customer Insights dashboard is being developed and improved continuously. It contains already valuable information on:

  • Purchased product portfolio.
  • Support contracts overview
  • System landscape overview
  • Cloud availability for the cloud systems
  • Details on open, closed and sent to SAP cases
  • SAP EarlyWatch Alert overview of the coverage, critical alerts and EWA Workplace consumption

This year it is planned to enrich the content of the Customer Insights dashboard by providing following new data sections:

  • An overview on the license consumption for cloud products
  • Information on the business usage of the cloud products based on the pre-defined solution capabilities across several products
  • Overview of the Maintenance Status for the on-premise and private cloud products including Add-Ons

Additionally, Customer Insights dashboard will offer a feature for automatically generated report(s) containing relevant customer data from the dashboard, which can be created with one click and saved for the archiving and legal purposes.

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