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The SAP EarlyWatch Alert is celebrating it's 25th year anniversary this year. The service has helped customers to operate their SAP solutions more stable and with best performance for quite a long time already. It has evolved over time and moved to the cloud: On the one side it is now available as a cloud solution in SAP for Me and on the other side it covers private and public cloud systems, like SAP Business Integration Planning, SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP HANA Cloud.

SAP Customer COEs are strong in standardising and aligning operation best practices of SAP software solutions and services across their company. So the SAP EarlyWatch Alert and the Customer COEs are a great match! Customer COEs find a comprehensive tool set in the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace in SAP for Me, which helps them to consume and distribute the service recommendation in a new and very efficient way. 

The key differentiators of SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace in the comparison with other tools are:

  • Central Accessibility in SAP for Me for hybrid landscape (on-premise and cloud)
  • Same view for S-Users and SAP Support employees with screen-sharing option
  • Aggregated recommendation list across whole landscape
  • Integrated feedback option with hide & snooze
  • Notification on most critical findings only
  • Long-term statistics for trend detection and sizing 

With the end of maintenance of SAP Solution Manager in mind, many customers worry, if SAP EarlyWatch Alert will still be available for them. The good news is, that SAP Solution Manager is no longer required to consume the service, because the results of the service are now calculated at SAP centrally. 

Sending the SAP EarlyWatch Alert data from on-premise systems to SAP can be done independently from Solution Manager, either directly from the SAP NetWeaver ABAP stack of the managed system using transaction SDCCN or via SAP Focused Run or SAP HANA Cockpit. 

It has been very convenient to manage the service connections centrally by SAP Solution Manager. This will be replaced by the inclusion of the SAP EarlyWatch Alert set-up in the SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management (CALM) set-up perspectively. 

SAP Cloud systems are connected directly by SAP and the results are combined with the on-premise system results in SAP for Me. 

In SAP for Me, there is no need to read long reports any more. The following best practice guide explains how to use the service in the optimal way: 

Initial Set-up:

1. Open SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace and filter for your SAP systems using the your customer numbers. Feel free to add more filters which narrow down the landscape you are responsible for.

2. Save the filters under a new view, for example,  "My CCoE View"

3. Click the "Manage notification" button and subscribe to all notifications topics. Alternatively: Use this link for one-click subscription.  Or see this blog on how-to subscribe to email notifications in SAP for Me for SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace.

4. Create a reoccurring weekly calendar entry with the link to the App Solution Finder


Regular Tasks:

1. Open Solution Finder once a week and check for new alerts

2. Hide or snooze any alerts which are not relevant or where the recommended action is already being implemented

3. Open SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace to review the forecasts for table growth and memory consumption

4. Open SAP EarlyWatch Alert Dashboard to access long-term consumption statistics: Be sure to have your system number ready to identify your HANA.

5. Optional: If you are prefer reading full reports: Open the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Reports app to review the complete report.