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The continuous adoption of innovations is a certain development of current business expectations. Scalability and agility play a crucial role to cope with upcoming changes as part of your cloud transformation.

How does your organization keep up with those changes and expectations beyond technical aspects? How should you set up your organization to manage your SAP system landscape in the best way? Is your Customer Center of Expertise (COE) ready to manage a cloud/hybrid system landscape?

These are typical key questions.

So as to help you to get a better understanding about your organizational cloud readiness, we have prepared a quick and short Cloud Self-Assessment focused on the key elements of the Customer COE, aligned with the Customer COE Management Framework, being the Management Framework with its layers and IT capabilities (Strategy, Architecture & Innovation, Organization & Governance, Processes & Tools, People & Skills) the backbone of an efficient, future-proof and sustainable Customer COE.

The Self-Assessment:

  • is built on 10 questions / statements, two for each of the 5 layers of the Management Framework
  • provides you with an immediate initial but overall high-level evaluation, valuable insights and impulses on your cloud readiness status, and possible improvement areas.


The Customer COE Cloud Self-Assessment can be accessed at the following link:


Start your journey!