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Workflow | send email as per decision template

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I have defined a workflow Template Action with 2 decision template and i want to send email to the approver mentioned in the selected decision template. How to configure?

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Hi Niko,

My requirement is little different. Here I have 2 decisions like approval rejected or approval accepted. If rejected send email to someone or if accepted send email to someone else.

But the way you told, email will be send to some fixed mail id independent of decision taking.


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Hi Rajni!

This can be done for the actions (action template). You simply have to check the 'Send email' row and specify the e-mail address and template for the action that will be activated as a result of the decision selected (i.e., the linked action to the decision). If you go to your workflow action template's 'General' tab (in its editor in the hMC) and scroll down, you should see a section for 'Communication'. This is where the e-mail settings may be added.

If the action, which is an instance created from the Workflow Action Template, is activated (that is, the action's preceding actions are completed), then an e-mail is sent to the assignee.


This should work for your case as well. Basically, each decision is linked with another action; when you select a decision, the linked action will be activated. For example, your decision named 'approve' maybe linked to an action named 'send-email-approved'. The assigned user to this next (linked) action 'send-email-approved' will then be notified with the e-mail when the assigned user for the current action selects the decision 'approve'. With this in mind, you simply have to create 2 different action templates for the 2 different decisions you have. Specify the e-mail addresses and the e-mail templates for the 2 different actions.

Another way you may try is to use 'Automated Action Templates', which are actions that do not require manual interaction from a user. With this, you can simply send the e-mail programmatically and link the next action/decision after the e-mail is sent.

Hope that helps!

Best regards,