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Whatsapp into SAP Contact Center

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Hi All,

We are using SAP contact center 7.0.12 and SAP CRM, but need to use Whatsapp like a new communication channel. We checked that SAP Contact Center 7.0.14 has this functionality; I have the following questions:

1.- Is it necessary to get another software (SAP or Third part) for to use Whatsapp in SAP Contact Center?

2.- Could our Customers send us imagens? For us, it’s very important to receive picture form our customers.

Best regards,


Maybe I didn't got your question, but let me try to answer anyhow.

This discussion is about integrating WhatsApp channel to SAP Contact Center product and when I mentioned about 3rd party providers, I meant WhatsApp aggregators. For example Sinch, SAP Digital Interconnect and Twilio.

The Yo WhatsApp seem to be a client software that doesn't rely WhatsApp messages, instead it seems to consume WhatsApp servers directly and in non-recommended way. (Facebook's opinion)

Maybe technically there is no huge difference between the two, but from commercial perspective the aggregators do charge you based on usage and of course you get proper support in case of issues.

So, the answer is that there is definitely no out of the box integration you could use and recommendation is to use verified services. However, it might be doable for integrator to integrate these two services. In practice it would mean building some kind of proxy between the services. The proxy should mimic for example SAP Digital Interconnect way of communicating towards SAP Contact Center.

Document about SAP Digital Interconnect is publicly available at online and link is below:


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Juan,

Good topic!

1. Yes, you need 3rd party solution to integrate. WhatsApp doesn't allow direct integrations and the requirement for 3rd party comes from them. SAP CCtr FP14 has Twilio and FP15 has Twilio and SAP Social 365 support.
2. With onpremise solution answer is that currently no. For upcoming FP16 release SAP is planning to bring in rich media support for SAP Social 365 messages. This includes images, pdf, docs & etc from and to customer when you are using Communication Panel user interface. Please see more about Communication Panel from help pages. CDT does support text chat, but has no support for rich content.

Please also note that Twilio WhatsApp is in beta phase and there is no plans to implement rich media support for Twilio platform.

FP16 planned ETA is before end of Q2/2020. If you wish to see demo videos of WhatsApp and other social channels, please check videos that you can find from following page:

If you wish to hear more about SAP Social365 service, please let me know.BR,

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Thank you for information greatt

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