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What does it mean "outside target group" in Campaign Respondants tab?

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Dear expert,

what does it mean "outside target group" in Campaign Respondants tab?

Is that possible that someone outside the target group is involved in the campaign?

How this KPI is applied by standard?

I could not find any use case to this feature.

Kind Regards

Rosalia Cannata

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Hi Rosalia,

Presently, the system is designed to work this way.

From the Respondents or execution details facet, you have an option to create from Actions ---> Add response. You can create a new phone call, lead, opportunity, sales quote, and new task. From the business partner which was executed thru campaign will appear here as a row, you can select actions and say create a new task. Now, it will by default propose the same business partner. You have the flexibility to change the business partner to anything else and save. Now, say you created a phone call/Activity task with some other account which is not as part of the Target Group executed in the Campaign. Then, this is considered as a response from a member outside the target group.

In Target Group - If you reply to the email sent for the member in Target Group, this response will be captured as part of "In Target Group". Even if you create a new action for the same member which is part of the Target Group, it will classify it as "In Target Group".

In Summary, only in case of Actions ---> create of new with member not part of Target Group it will classify as "Outside Target Group. Please refer screenshot.



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Hi thanks for your reply, now it is much more clear!

Kind Regards