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Warning messages in RCOD_PRC_CUST_EXTRACT_TO_EXCEL for Offline Pricing

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Dear Community,

we would like to use the offline pricing in our C4C, but when trying to download the pricing procedure in our ERP system with report RCOD_PRC_CUST_EXTRACT_TO_EXCEL we are getting a lot of warning messages (messages that "calculation type" or "condition category" or "condition class" is missing.) We think that due to those warning messages the pricing procedure cannot be uploaded in the C4C.

Unfortunately we do not know what to do with the excel so that we can upload the procedure. Are we supposed to modify the excel so that it can be uploaded? we cannot find a documentation on how to proceed in this case.

We know that there are a lot of things that are not supported in offline pricing, but that is ok for us. In fact for us it would be ok to have only the list price offline, but when executing the report we do not have the possibility to just select the list price as relevant for download.

Has anyone any information on how to proceed in this case?

Thanks a lot.

Marija Fehn

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