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Vouchers in CS Cockpit?

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My question is from a business analyst perspective, not technical...

The Hybris implementation I'm working on is apparently highly customized version 5.01... Promotions and/or vouchers applied to an order through customer using the webstore are not appearing in the CS Cockpit to our business administrators, so I'm researching how to properly address this.I know the general reason they don't appear that is related to our customizations and implementation of parent-child orders, but I'm having more trouble understanding how they are intended to appear out of the box, if at all? I've searched the wiki to no avail...

I see an Applied Promotions area that is intended to show the promotions. Is this a standard feature of the CS Cockpit? I don't see anything at all in CS Cockpit related to applied vouchers. is that a standard feature, or something that has to be customized?

Ideally, if I could find some screenshots of where this information lives out of the box, if indeed that is the case, that would surely be helpful.

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Hi Nicole,

I have recently worked on something very similar. In fact, I was required to allow customer service agents to apply vouchers or promotions to carts they were dealing with and also display the promotions/vouchers applied.

I am using the version 5.3 of Hybris and I haven't seen anything out-of-the-box to implement that, so I had to do some customization by adding new widgets to my cart (basket) tab in the CS Cockpit. You can find a couple of helpful posts under the CS Cockpit topic about how to create a new widget.

Regarding the 'Applied Promotions' widget you noticed, it's a standard feature in the CS Cockpit. You can actually find all the widgets implemented in the CS cockpit under the Hybris cscockpit extension at /cscockpit/resources/cscockpit/cscockpit-spring-widgets.xml. This will definitely help you in customizing your own widgets.

To finish, here are screenshots of my final implementation

The 'Applied Promotions' widget you see in the screenshot is just a replicate of the one from the checkout tab.

I hope this is helpful enough for you.