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Visit Frequency and next planned visit per Sales Organization

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Hello all,

We have following business requirement:

We have 2 different sales units: “Retail” and “Food”. Some customers in our account list have both sales organization assigned “Retail” and “Food”. For each sales organization there is sales representatives assigned for the customer.

Cloud for Customer offers the functionality of the Visit Frequency on Account Header level.

When a customer is assigned on “Retail” and “Food” we should like to work with a separate Visit Frequency field per Sales Organization. Is this by default possible ?
The problem is when a sales representative from “Retail” visits the customer the next planned visit is calculated based on the visit from that sales representative however the sales representative from the “Food” should know the next planned visit based on his last visit.
Is there anything we need to enable in the system to meet above requirement ?

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Hi Arian,

I am facing a same kind of situation with 7 teams. What I did (also for reporting reasons) I set up different visit types, one per team. Frequency and duration can be set per visit type! An additional advantage is that visit type can be used as a condition in the activity planner, for assigning a team specific questionnaire to the visit! So using different visit types allow you to have different streams.

Do you have multiple contact persons at customer side different sales colleagues talk to? What I am facing is that at check out of the visit, when a new visit is created the standard contact person is added to the new visit instead of the contact person that was included in the previous visit. I am curious how you handled that situation.

Kind regards,


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Hi Marie-Jose,

when you create a new visit via the prompt on check-out, the main contact will be pulled. This is, because the system doesn't copy the visit here, but starts off with a new visit pulled from the account.

However, when creating follow-up visits or related items > visit, it will copy the same contact.

Best regards,