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System update does not change type of column

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Hi Experts,

I am running SQL Server and my Hybris version is

I have created a new item type as "java.lang.String" and this coresponds varchar in the database.

I have changed the data type for SQL server,

   <columntype database="sqlserver">

but is not working when I do "ant updatesystem". It stays as VARCHAR instead of TEXT. I have no other choice but make an " alter table" statement.

What should I do?

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yep you are correct, system update won't change the column type once it has already been created. It potentially could be a destructive operation (e.g. if you changed a text column to a shorter varchar) and I guess Hybris don't really want to have to teach it all of the non-destructive operations for each db type so it just doesn't do any.

You do need to run an alter table.

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