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smartedit - renderService: parentOverlay empty for component

Hello experts!

I would like to add a component in a slot, but the latter is "hidden" by another slot and I can't drag and drop on it.

It seems that there are 3 shared NavNodeSlot overlapped and I think this issue can be related to the error displayed in the console: "renderService: parentOverlay empty for component: LPLNavigationMenuComponent". I know also that smartedit refers to a velocity template in order to render the page, but I don't know what exactly causes this problem and how can I fix it.

Any help please?

Ps: I'm running SAP Commerce 19.05.10.

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We also have this error message.


Have a slot with floating content.

Steps to repeat

  • Open Advanced Editing for a page with lots of content in a single slot.
  • Scroll down until you do not see the slot editing frame any more.
  • Hover over the floating content.
    -> Error in JS Console, content editing controls gone

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