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SD Customer to CRM BP Person

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We are replicating customers from SD(XD01) to CRM. But all the customers are replicated as BP of Organization type. Where is the mapping to replicate as person in CRM?

Helpful answers would be appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shridhar,

While replication of the ERP SD customer to CRM, the system checks

whether the SD customer is a consumer(standard account group 0170) and

if so then the CRM business partner is created as a person and not


In case the SD customer is created in any other account group then the

CRM business partner is created as an organization.

This behaviour is because in ERP it is assumed that all customers except

consumers are organizations. Hence during replication they are created

as organizations in CRM. Only consumers are created as persons in CRM.

The Business Partner category in CRM is dependent only on the above

criteria and not on the title of the SD customer. In case you would want

to change this standard behaviour, you may do so by coding your own Z

function module and register it against the event DE_EIOUT. You may use

the function module PI_BP_MAP_CATEGORY as a reference.

Best regards,


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