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SAP BCM intergration with SMS

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1. Is there any prerequisites for SMS server to intergrate with SAP BCM? We have only SMS Server supports java/.net based interface here.

As I know, SAPConnector supports SMS SMTP Server. How about BCM? Will a middle ware needed to support ICI?

2. SAP BCM supports standard CAD of SAP Interaction center, right?

Thanks for your click and any advices,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Haibin,

Regarding the SMS contact channel, the incoming SMS messages are received from a 3rd party SMS modem or SMS Gateway using BCM SMS http interface with CIMD or CIMD2 protocols. The SMS message is converted to e-mail message and allocated to agents via queues and if necessary you can use the ICI interface to handle this message directly in CRM front-end.

SAP BCM is compliant with the ICI interface specification and support CAD.

Best Regards,

Heber Olivar

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Hi Heber,

thanks for your answer, solved my question. It's very nice of you.



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Hi Heber,

have requirement for sending/receiving SMS from/to SAP CRM and would like to know how can achieve same in the following cases.

1)In case of SAP CRM alone:

As per my knowledge, we can do as follows.if wrong suggest me.

a) We can send SMS via HTTP node, but we cannot receive it.

b) We can send and receive SMS via SMTP.

2)In case of SAP CRM integrated with BCM.

is it possible to send/receive SMS via HTTP? If not how can we achieve?

and is there any specific SMS configuration for BCM?

Your immediate response is highly Appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Sravan N

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