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Return org unit BP# as a partner in partner determination. Config setting

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I want to have a BP partner function 'unit' as a partner with the BP# of the organizational unit from where the employee responsible is assigned..

we have a org unit, position, and Employees. The org unit rule is for the transaction is "AC10000194' org unit user and does return the org unit to the document as the org unit. So I think I should be able to drive the BP as a partner in partner determination.

I have an access sequence assigned to this BP function with settings of

wait til source is available

source = CRM_PARTNER_B organizational data

partner function = 14 employee responsbile

determination rule: org data model = AC10000194 user org unit

The 14 employee partner function has access seq 0008 which is the user.

Any thoughts on the proper settings/

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Dear Glenn,

Check with determination rule: org data model = AC10000162.



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If I go to PFAC for rule 10000162 and run a test with my org unit O 50000006 the results are the employees responsible.

Using 10000194 and entering the BP number of the employee responsible brings the org unit O 50000006 but not the BP number of the org unit.

I beleive I need a rule where the BP # of the employee brings the result of the BP of the org unit not the org unit (O 50000006 )

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trying again to see if anyone has a thought

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Hi Glenn,

It's been a long time, however, if anyone else has faced the same issue, the answer is a checkbox called "Determine as Business Partner".