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Resolving Mapping Issues Between SAP Customer Data Platform and SAP Service Cloud V1

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Hello together,

We are currently working on an integration between the SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP) and a SAP Service Cloud V1 tenant. On the CDP side, we are using the Customer Schema "SAP Integrated," which includes arrays for address data. Specifically, we have three array

  • addresses (for postal address information)
  • phones
  • mails

However, on the Service Cloud side, we are utilizing the standard data model of the individual customer object. Here, the underlying navigation property for address entries consolidates all information into a single entry, encompassing address, phone, and mail data.

When attempting bi-directional mapping between these systems, we encounter a significant challenge. We need to map the arrays from the CDP to a single entry in the Service Cloud (C4C) environment. Conversely, one address entry in the C4C environment results in three separate entries in each array within the CDP. This leads to a problem where updating any customer information could generate multiple entries in the C4C, which originally had only one entry.


  • CDP to C4C: The three separate arrays (addresses, phones, mails) in the CDP need to be merged into one entry in C4C.
  • C4C to CDP: A single entry in C4C generates three entries in the CDP arrays. If we update these, the customer record in C4C could mistakenly get multiple entries.

We would like to stay as close to the standard configuration as possible, avoiding custom development if possible.

Does anyone have experience with this kind of integration or suggestions on how to effectively map these data structures while staying close to standard configurations?

Best regards,

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