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Replicate ERP Quotation and Contract to CRM

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We are bulding the integration from CRM opportunity to ERP PS.

CRM stops at opprotunity stage, the follow-ups needs to be done in ERP, since ERP already had this implemented.

Now, my questions are:

1) How to replicate ERP Quote and Contract to CRM, and they need to be displayed as follow-ups in CRM? Is that possible by middleware or other technologies? if so, we need to control the single direction, after replication, changes in CRM quote or contract cannot be replicated to ERP.

2)I know using CRM70, we can display ERP quote/order/contract in CRM, who knows what technology behind that? web service or middleware?

3)We are using CRM2007, there is function that can allow copy control from CRM opportunity to ERP quotation, but there is no details explaination, such as after config this, does the ERP quote can be displayed in CRM as opportunity follow-up doc? same refer to the ERP contract created based on ERP quote.

Thanks very much for any info.

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Java or ABAP? ABAP statck no has Contract. Just the java.

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Regarding your first question I think it could be possible if you would maintain in ERP in external reference or some other field the id of the crm opportunity. And then you would have to implement in the badi that after the replication of quotation/contract from r3 to crm this id would be read. Then throu this id you would have to read guid of opportunity (you could use FM crm_order_read) and then by FM crm_order_maintain link guids in doc_flow.

About second qustion look at this 2 links and you will get the solution:



About 3rd question I think you can do this only if you create as follow-up first the CRM quotation and then this replicate via middleware to r3. In this case you have the linkage and the quotation is on both sides. I don't think you can display in doc flow linkage from crm opportunity to erp quotation directly without having quotation copy also in crm.

Hope this helps a bit.

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Hi, Robert

Thanks very much for your detailed answers.

Just for your info, in CRM7.0. the out of box solution can:

1) Document flow is linking two documents across CRM and ERP

- Track EPP quote and sales order info in CRM opportunity

- Track CRM Opportunity in ERP Quote and Order

2) It is done via copy control - item/partner/products/notes..

3) CRM opportunity can do product configuration then copy to ERP quote

4) ERP BOM can explosion in CRM opportunity.

The technology not looks like a transaction launcher.

- What is the technology for cross system copy control?

- Is middlware still used to achieve that? bi-direction scync.



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yes, all major data flows between systems are still done via middlware.