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Receipts with non discountable article and header discount?

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How does SAP Customer Checkout is working when I have a receipt with a Header Discount and a non discountable article (e.g. Voucher) ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

SAP Customer Checkout behaves as following till now:

If you post an receipt in SAP Customer Checkout which includes a non-discountable item (e.g. a Voucher) the header discount will only affect the line items which are discountable. Please see following example.

Receipt with 2 items (one discountable for 25,00 the other non-discountable for 100,00), Header discount given of 10,00

TotalDiscountDiscount %Amount to pay125,0010,0040,00115,00PositionArticleDescriptionQuantityUnitUnit PriceDiscountDiscount %Gross Amount1A001Shirt1Each25,000025,002A002Voucher1Each100,0000100,00

The Header discount will not affect the Position 2 (Non-discountable item), only line item 1 is affected, the discount is 10,00. The discount percentage is shown as 40% (40% of 25,00 (item 1) is 10,00)

If you post this receipt this could lead to differences (e.g. tax, discount) in SAP Business One, as SAP Business One does not know non-discountable item.

This behavior has changed in SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 SP 00 and newer releases.

If you now post such receipt following error message will be shown:

"Header discount is not allowed when there are non-discountable items or vouchers in the receipt. Kindly distribute the discount to items."

That means that the discount should be given on item level instead of the header. The receipt will then look like following example:

Receipt with 2 items (one discountable for 25,00 the other non-discountable for 100,00), Discount given of 10,00

TotalDiscountDiscount %Amount to pay125,0000115,00PositionArticleDescriptionQuantityUnitUnit PriceDiscountDiscount %Gross Amount1A001Shirt1Each25,0010,0040,0015,002A002Voucher1Each100,0000100,00

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