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Random sequence of cart and order entry while saving and reading it from database in Hybris

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We are observing a random sequence of cart / order entries while reading the order details from database for exporting it to an external system. Our understanding is that cart / order entries should be sorted by entry number which is a numeric field and value starts from 0. But this is not happening in real time. We tried to do a custom sort of order entries based on entry number after we read the order model from database and are exporting to external system.

Sort happens and is effective till the order model object is active in session to read at hybris but once exported or saved in database, the sort orders disappears. Checking the sort order of order entries at destination after export is done, the order entries were received in a random sequence only. There is no exception or error in logs, but data is sorted randomly.

Has anyone faced this issue and what would be the best way to tackle such problems.

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