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Premature Event

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i came across one concept in hybris , is premature event, How can I utilize this concept in OMS

Premature Events Events are generally triggered from the outside. This may happen by polling some data regularly using CronJobs or by receiving a web service call. Most likely the data is fetched or arrives from an external system. Occasionally, it may be the case that external data is available and is used for triggering an event before there is a matching scheduled action in form of a task item inside the database. In case such a 'premature' event is triggered while there is no task condition waiting for it, the Task stores the incoming event for an unlimited time. The first to-be-scheduled task holding a condition matching the event's unique name consumes the premature event immediately.

When I am trying to use this concept I am getting following error:Invalid type of task runner bean 'completed'' - expected interface de.hybris.platform.task.TaskRunner

I think I should create a Task for this, I might not able to use this concept using Action.

 final TaskModel task = modelService.create(TaskModel.class);

this is how I am using premature concept for OMS .

Let me know if someone has used this concept in Hybris Or can help me with better approach.

we are getting data from Azure queue and every time oms flow is going to a wait state for the next response. Thanks

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Answers (1)

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A quick question: What are you trying to set as the Runner Bean? What is the value of state? Please check the below link for how the usage of it:

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We are trying to use this in Order-process.xml file , we have Action beans , if i understand how Out of the box hybris works when node goes to wait state , how this event is trigger , i think than we can resolve our issue.