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Passing value to Overlay

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      I have requirement to have one colume in datatable as img button. When i click on that it will open a overlay which have a textbox to edit the data from data table.

the following is the img to open the overlay



id="btn" rendered="true" value="#{wec:themeUrlOf('images/btn.png')}" onclick="#{wec:openOverlay('overlay','btn'')}"/>

I have no idea how to pass the value or object ref  from the datatable to display in the overlay,then save it.I have tired to search in the help but can not find it.

Can you advise

Thank you in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Noppong,

I'm not quite sure, if I got your point, but I assume that it would be a solution, if you just create a column in the table, with an overlay as child, that itself holds the textbox. The value of the textbox than can just be coming from the datTable variable, just as for any other filed in the table. It might look somehow like this:

<wec:dataTable id="..  var="dataTableVar">



       <wec:overlay id="overlay" ...>

          <wec:inputText id="... value="#{dataTableVar.textToBeChanged}" />




You might even have the overlay with its included Textbox in the same column, as your image, if you like to.

KInd regards,


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Thank you Michael.

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