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Pass CRM SSO to a portal iView launched via trans launcher for Channel Mngt

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CRM 7.0 looking to launch a role similiar to CHM-PM Partner Manger outside the firewall using web dispatcher. No EP portal in the initial design.

Now requirements have changed where providing portal KM is desired. I can use the trans launcher and call the Iview page in the portal but it does not pass the SSO, meaning the user has to log into the portal to get to the KM site in the main section of the CRM window (not a new url page). We will have the same user id in the CRM abap box and portal, but is there a way to pass the SSO from CRM to the portal? I know this is backwards where portal is usually the leading system. We like the look and feel of the CRM web ui and want it to be the look and feel for the users.

We are looking at note Note 1353456 - How to launch the WebClient UI from the portal, which looks like you would log into the portal then could launch the whole CRM web ui in a separate window. The downside being a separate portal window that for us provides no value to the user.

Would greatly appreciate any thoughts.

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Answers (2)

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Note 1083421 - SSO2 Wizard provided a solution where we can launch CRM web ui (no portal) but call a portal iView and pass the SSO ticket.

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We implemented the note 1353456 which only took a few minutes.

We assigned the Iview to a role and could log into the portal traditionally and select the role to launch a new window that was the crm web ui inside a portal frame but without losing all the space the portal header & left side bar consumes on the screen. So the look was extremely close as to just launching the CRM web ui in a non portal environment.

This window had the url for us >>

http://<host name>< port> irj/portal?NavigationTarget=navurl%3A%2F%2Fbd591c28016f7bf6c13b9889e90c9c44&CurrentWindowId=WID1315485197932&NavMode=3

We could log on directly to that url, .. user would get the portal logon window but go directly to this CRM UI window (only one portal window is open) the catch 22 is their is no logoff button in the crm ui (per note 1353456)

Still investigating if we can launch the CRM Web UI (non portal) but still call a portal KM Iview & pass the SSO.

We can call the iview but can't get past the SSO.