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Organization node not available when configuring rules

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Hi all,

I have defined the organization chart in the system.

But when I try to configure service ticket rules under Organizational Work Distribution Rules, the service org nodes are not available.

Anyone experienced this, please share.


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Hi Shu,

I havce exactly the same issue in the tenant I'm using.

Diid you happen to solve this problem? Could you give me some hint to solve on my own?

Kind Regards


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Hi Rosalia,

Yes we solved the problem.

But I am quite busy at this moment.

I will get back to you later.


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Please refer to my previous answers, it is a SAP bug. We have opened an incident ticket.

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ok, thanks I'm opening an incident for that.

Thanks for the hint!


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the organization node is not shown in the menu (bug), but if you specify the node ID manually, it should work anyways. By Massimo.