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Null pointer exception while exporting more than 300 products to excel

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Dear Experts,

We are working on Hybris 1808 patch 3. In backoffice productcockpit I am trying to use "Export Excel" functionality.

We have 700 product attributes. When I am trying to select 300 or less attributes to export to excel, the functionality is working fine. But when I select more than 300 attributes I am getting Null Pointer Exception. This is coming from the file "DefaultExcelHeaderService.class". This is basically OOTB code that is in backoffice.jar. But to be able to put log statements and see I have decompiled the jar file and copied the mentioned java file to my custom extension.

Below is the code snippet. NPE is coming from line 12. In line 11 I have put log statement. Until 300 attributes line 11 is printing. But for 301 th attribute line 11 is printing null and line 12 is throwing NPE.

1 public void insertAttributeHeader(Sheet sheet, ExcelAttribute excelAttribute, int columnIndex)

2 {

3 String nameToDisplay = this.attributeNameFormatter.format(

4 DefaultExcelAttributeContext.ofExcelAttribute((ExcelAttributeDescriptorAttribute) excelAttribute));

5 Row row = sheet.getRow(this.headerRowIndex.getIndex());

6 Cell cell = row.createCell(row.getFirstCellNum() + columnIndex);

7 this.excelCellService.insertAttributeValue(cell, nameToDisplay);

8 Row patternRow = sheet.getRow(this.referencePatternRowIndex.getIndex());

9"***** columnIndex : " + columnIndex);

10 Cell patternCell = patternRow.getCell(row.getFirstCellNum() + columnIndex);

11"***** patternCell : " + patternCell);

12 patternCell.setCellFormula(patternCell.getCellFormula());

13 }


***** columnIndex: 299

***** patternCell : IFERROR(VLOOKUP(KN$1,HeaderPrompt!$B$1:$C$1048576,2,FALSE),"")

***** columnIndex : 300

***** patternCell : null

Not able to figure-out why error is coming only when we export more than 300 attributes. Why "patternCell" value is becoming null when columnIndex is null. Can someone please help me with this.



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