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New assignment block created via AET, include custom fields from BTAdminH and BTActivityH

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Hello experts!

For a customer I am going to create a new table as assignment block in an activity via AET (form view, so 1:1 relationship). The new table is created as part of BO object ORDERADM_H.

See for example this blog: but as mentioned, the only difference is in the Table Details, where I am going to use relationship 1:1 Form instead of 1:N Table View.

I also have some custom fields in BTAdminH and BTActivityH that I want to display (and edit) in this new assignment block, so that all these custom fields are displayed and maintained in the same new assignment block.

Is this possible, because per default I do not have access to these custom fields from BTAdminH and BTActivityH in the new BSP component?

Thanks, Miguel

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Hi Experts,

Can anyone help me?

Thanks & regards,


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