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Need BADI for REASON field on CRMD_ORDER

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Hi CRM experts.

I am new to CRM and have the following assignment. On transaction CRMD_ORDER for a certain transaction type I have to call my authorisation object on the REASON list and eliminate certain reasons in this dropdown list according to this object.

We thought that BADI CRM_ORDER_FIELDCHECK would do the trick as we already have code there that make the REASON list not changeable. My problem is I need to loop through this actual reason list in order to call the authorisation object and on this BADI only the FIELD name is visable and not the contents of the field. Can someone assist please?

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Hi Anina,

We have requirement to put authorization check on delivery block field in CRM Sales order.

Need to know, what is the field name for which we can make field changable as ' ' in badi.

We are also planning to use CRM_ORDER_FIELDCHECK Badi, plz suggest which field value we should take..DELIVERY_BLOCK or DEL_BLOCK_REASON.

Thanks & Regards,

Dhanraj Dange