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Multiple email triggering at a time for the same user

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Hey guys ,

I want to share an issue which i am facing on generating multiple email to the same user . It would be great if you share ideas on the problem.

When trying to send emails (say ex: 20 emails) at a time to the same user/customer ,only few mails are received . While checking the businessProcessModel i could see the process state has some error "Something went wrong".

The error i am getting for sendEmail is,

"de.hybris.platform.processengine.definition.NodeExecutionException: Error executing ActionNode with ID [sendEmail]: message has no To addresses"

and for removeEmail action is,

"de.hybris.platform.jalo.JaloObjectNoLongerValidException: item PK no longer valid (was removed): object no longer valid"

For the different user, mail is trigerring and for same user it is creating a problem.

Much appreciated if you help me in this topic.

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Answers (1)

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we have the same issue. A solution which we found is to change the removeSendEmail business action do not remove the email addresses. Is there anybonther suggestions?