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MSA "Cancel login" functionality

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Dear Experts,

what's the way to close MSA when a user try to login to with stopped IPC service?

IPC warning message is show after succesfully login and user can use mobile application without IPC functionality in this case.

I need to show warning message and close MSA application instead allows users to use it.

We are in Mobile 5.0 SP 11

Thanks a lot for any suggestion!



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in MobileSales mCore_onLoad event respectively MobileService mCore_beforeLoad event you can see that the IPC is being started (the instance, not the application):


In BO SFAGLOBAL, method StartSPE, you can see that an instance of the IPC handler (SPCHANDLER) is stored as a UDD variable.

I would suggest to check this UDD entry directly after the line above in the UI event(s) with

Dim objSPCH As Object

objSPCH = gServices.bol.UserDataDictionary.GetData("SPCHANDLER")

if objSPCH is nothing then



Unfortunately I don't know how to quit/exit/kill the application. In VB6 I remember the command quit was working.

You could play around with

Dim ExternalApp As New System.Diagnostics.Process()

Here you can check whether an (external) application is running and also stop it.

Have fun...;-)



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Please chk the below piece of code, this can be added in application onload event handler.

Dim objSPCH As Object

Dim ObjIPCHandler as Object

Dim process As System.Diagnostics.Process

ObjIPCHandler = _unwind(CreateObject("IPCUtility.SystemAccess"))

if ObjIPCHandler is nothing then

gServices.showMsgBox("IPC is stopped !!")

process = System.Diagnostics.Process.GetCurrentProcess()



process = Nothing

Catch ex As Exception


process = Nothing

End Try

end if

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Hi to All,

Thk a lot for you answer and support.

Best Regards,